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  • New Bust Dime Book

    Americana Rare Coin is pleased to be one of 3 dealers to offer the new, Bust Dime, Varitey Identification Guide book recently published and released this year by Winston Zach, Louis Scuderi and Michael Sherrill.

    We have a few in stock signed by our good friend Winston available. 

    First impression, wha...

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  • How Do Collectors Collect?

    It is always intriguing and fun to talk with collectors and discuss their collection and how they go about it.  There is as big a variety of collecting themes and approaches as collectors, and I know over the years I have approached collecting in different ways. 

    A lot of what I will call generalist ...

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  • Long Beach Expo Report

    I have spent the last week reading show reports from different dealers about the Long Beach Coin Expo and I have to say, I’m beginning to wonder if I was on the same bourse floor.  Although I will agree with the general census that the retail end was a little soft, we were still able to place a few ...

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  • A Busy Spring of Shows

    Well it's been a busy few weeks. Starting out at the Spring ANA in Atlanta and 6 weeks later five total shows including Baltimore, a couple in No California, Las Vegas I have been hopping all over the place. After that stretch in a couple of cases where I had exactly 2 days, to reorganize and try to...

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  • August Post ANA Market Report


    The views and opinions expressed here are our own, and represent what we feel is going on in the marketplace. Other dealers views may differ from the experiences they have in the niche they serve.

    Sitting in Starbucks relaxing for a couple of hours before heading out for the flight back home. It's be...

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