Americana Rare Coin is pleased to be one of 3 dealers to offer the new, Bust Dime, Varitey Identification Guide book recently published and released this year by Winston Zach, Louis Scuderi and Michael Sherrill.

We have a few in stock signed by our good friend Winston available. 

First impression, what a wonderful book for attributing varieties.  Lots of photos, illustrated pick up points with arrows and circles, clear language, and complete fuill coin images to assist and narrow down the search.  The book is spiral bound and smaller approximately 4" x 6" with a primary goal to help the user to easily and accurately identify any bust dime variety.  They also have arranged the die marriages to secondarily help with identifying any new die marriages in a creative way.  Paring each of the known reverse and obverse dies to each other.  

Another nice feature is that the book doesn't get bogged down in values and doesn't try to be a price guide.  Instead it uses a graduated color code from red to green to indicate the relative scarcity of each variety, red being the R8 and green to be R1.

The photography work is superb with nice color images.  Also a lot of detail has been added such as die state information showing known cuds.  I have enjoyed and had a lot of fun going online and using the guide to pick acertain varities online where the photos have been sufficient to do so.  This guide book is a great tool and it wouldn't take much effort at all to locate a better variety and pay for itself immediately.  With all the effort and detail the authors have put in to the book, I highly recommend anyone interested in early dimes to add this to your library.  We have limited numbers available at $49, signed by one of the authors.  Enjoy!!!