I have spent the last week reading show reports from different dealers about the Long Beach Coin Expo and I have to say, I’m beginning to wonder if I was on the same bourse floor.  Although I will agree with the general census that the retail end was a little soft, we were still able to place a few great items into the hands of our customers who came to the show.  In regards to wholesale business on the other hand,  I was completely inundated with great coins showing up to my table.  In fact, the stream of dealers and collectors showing me coins was so solid that I wasn't even able to walk the bourse floor until Saturday morning!  Right when I would finish looking at someones boxes, there was another box to go through, (which I will never complain about).  Out of the several thousand coins that I had the chance to consider, I was able to leave the show with around 50 new, choice, numismatic pieces for our inventory.  The coins that I purchased vary greatly from an 1896-S Barber Quarter in PCGS XF-45, to a J-151 1 Cent Pattern in PCGS PR-61, to a Gettysburg Commemorative Half in PCGS MS-67!  Many of our new pieces are currently in for grading and CAC consideration and will be available shortly.  However, there are still MANY great coins that are available now for the taking!  As always, all of our coins are unique to our inventory and go quickly since we have a great network of astute collectors.  Our goal is to get the right coins into the right collections.  If you have any that you are considering please give Glenn or myself a call to discuss them with you.